We are now carrying hand blended nourishing tonic herbs to add to your soups and stocks! Blum and Bru Broths offers different soup stock varieties that help to support physical and emotional well-being. Simply combine the herbs in the packet with stock bones and vegetables, simmer slowly, and strain for a nutritive broth!

Hand Blended Herb Packets for Sale:

Immuni-QI: A powerful qi tonic supportive to the immune system.

4 Ladies: A traditional Chinese formulation used specifically as a women’s vitalizing tonic to restore yin and improve blood circulation.

Peaceful Spirit: A calming, soothing, and uplifting tonic for the spirit; helpful for supporting an equanimous attitude and clarity of mind.

Primal Frame Builder: A fortifying tonic formula intended to strengthen the structural framework of the body, specifically bones, tendons, and ligaments.